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We produce Exciting Family Games.  All of our games are made and produced in America by Americans. We have been in business for more than 25 years.
Krazy Bee Rummy is our most popular game.  We also have a very fun game called Krazy Bee "15".  If you like bowling we have a game you would like and it is called Krazy Bee Bowling.  If you are into Golf we have Krazy Bee Golf.   If you have noticed all these games start with Krazy Bee.  The reason for this is; My father Bill Weingartner Developed and produced all the games, he named them with my mother in mind.  Her name is Bea Weingartner.  Just the Bee not, Krazy! ha ha

Bill and Beatrice Weingartner building Krazy Bee Rummy games in their den on the pool table "1988"
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