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Krazy Bee Rummy - ages 6 - adult. Players - 2 to 4. Includes full deck of cards, score cards and step indicator frame for each player. This game has not been opened. We have played Krazy Bee Rummy for years and it never gets old. This is a game of strategy by setting your opponents and winding up with the least amount of points by the last level. If you have any questions, please email me. Thank you for looking...

Krazy Bee 15 Rummy in the blue box  has one wild card.  The way you play this game is:  The first hand you pull the wild card out. To lay down you have to have a natural run of three  all with the same stone  ruby, diamond, ect.  or three of a kind, three 3's, or three 2's ect  Then the second hand you put the wild card in and play it any way you want.  The third hand the one's will also be wild, then the forth hand the 2's will be wild, then the fifth hand the 3's will be wild and so on.  


The krazy bee rummy in the yellow box has eight wild cards. They are always mixed in when you deal the cards out.  The # cards never change to wild cards.
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